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Mycological Solutions Tailored To You

Our Services

Species Identification

With a network as expansive a mycelium itself and a host of techniques we will identify any questionable or unknown mushroom species. 

Cultivation Consultation

If you are looking to implement Fungi into your homestead with natural practices or looking to build or optimize your commercial production operation contact us today for Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's), staff training, lean production audits, sterile techniques, genetics, genetic preservation, cloning, culture cleaning and restoration, and a host of other services.

Custom Forumlations

Outsource the tedious task of formulating Agar, liquid culture, and Substrates. Our experienced lab technicians will work with you and your goals to achieve formulations that exceed your expectations.

Full Customer Experience Service

Contact us today with your needs and we will work with you to overcome any hurdles you might face. With in-person and online meetings possible let us know how to best serve you and meet your requirement for privacy and discretion. With over 10 years experience we are sure we can help.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The science of mycology is ever-changing and new discoveries are made each year. We actively pursue and examine state of the art techniques and practices to ensure you are up to date with the info we provide. Mushrooms rule everything around us, and mycology is our passion, our bread, and our life. 

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