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Ready to use Agar plates sterilized and poured with a colour coded recipe. 


Isolate cultures without the laboratory required to prepare Agar at home!


Agar is a organic gelatinous material enriched with nutrition and sterilized which acts as a matrix for mycelium to grow. commonly used in mycoloy to germinate spores, isolate cultures, test cultures for contamination, preserve genetics and facilitate mycelial expansion


-Available in sleeves of 5 and 10.

-Colour corresponds with formula for easy identification.

-Some sediment of nutritous supplements may be visible.

-Store in a temperature stable area like inside a cabinet against a wall or inside a cooler until ready to use.

-Recomended use within 3 months of purchase.

-Parafilm strips included.

Agar Sampler (6)

  • Assorted Variety of Agar plates (6) 

    Running a new variety or species? test it out on several formulas of Agar to quickly gain insight to its metabolism and what short of substrate it will perform best on. or have several forumals on hand to switch it up on the mycelium and keeop it vigorous.


    100mm X 15mm Petri Dish

    6 Plates

     6 Strips of Parafilm

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