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Agar Media in the Shop

Updated: May 8

6 Essential ready-to-use Agar plates have been added to our online shop.

Available in 5 or 10 packs online, our pre-poured plates are ready to use. They come vacuum sealed under sterile conditions and wrapped in laboratory film to ensure sterility until you are ready to use them. The plates should be used as soon as possible but can last unto a month alright, and in some cases unto 4 or more months if conditions for storage are good. The plates should be stored in a clean environment out of direct sunlight and away from fluctuating temperatures. so inside a cabinet with a wall or a clean cooler is ideal!

Agar (/ˈeɪɡɑːr/ or /ˈɑːɡər/), or agar-agar, is a jelly-like substance consisting of polysaccharides obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae, primarily from ogonori (Gracilaria) and "tengusa" (Gelidiaceae).[1][2]

Agar is a mixture of two components, the linear polysaccharide agarose and a heterogeneous mixture of smaller molecules called agaropectin.[3] It forms the supporting structure in the cell walls of certain species of algae and is released on boiling. These algae are known as agarophytes, belonging to the Rhodophyta (red algae) phylum.[4][5]

Agar has been used as an ingredient in desserts throughout Asia and also as a solid substrate to contain culture media for microbiological work. Agar can be used as a laxative; an appetite suppressant; a vegan substitute for gelatin; a thickener for soups; in fruit preserves, ice cream, and other desserts; as a clarifying agent in brewing; and for sizing paper and fabrics.[6][7]

Agar is important in Mycology to isolate cultures, clone mushrooms, expand mycelium, and store genetics, among other uses.

Flow Mycology Agar

Flow Mycology #Agar is made using high quality ingredients to ensure consistent results.

6 new formulations available on our shop include:

Malt Extract Agar

Potato Dextrose Agar

High nutrition Agar

Low nutrition Agar

Wood Lovers Agar

Oat Based Agar

Check back for in-depth examinations of different formulas and their applications in Mycology.

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